PushFYI Overview

PushFYI is a real-time data streaming server that allows you to easily build, test and deploy real-time features in your web and mobile apps. At its heart, PushFYI uses HTML5 WebSockets to talk to client applications. PushFYI can also act as a gateway between the server and the client side of your application. This means that you can easily send data from your ASP.Net or PHP backend to your browser in real-time.

PushFYI offers publish/subscribe messaging, so you can choose which client receive which event. This is implemented using PushFYI data channels. You will learn more about data channels in the coming sections of this documentation.

PushFYI also supports TLS for secure clients. You can deploy your SSL certificate and keys with PushFYI or can use self-signed keys during development phase of your application.

PushFYI also supports alternate port configuration for HTTP. By default, PushFYI listens on Port 80 for insecure clients and Port 443 for secure clients. HTTP Alternate port allows you to use any other port than the standard HTTP Ports. Assuming we choose HTTP Alternate PORT as 8080, PushFYI will then listen on port 8080 for both secure and insecure clients. This feature is useful during development and allows PushFYI to coexist with your HTTP server.

API Overview

Getting started with PushFYI is really simple. All you need to do is choose the right API for your target platform. PushFYI team is constantly working to provide more and more APIs, so you can choose the right platform for development of your application. Let's assume you are creating a CRM application in ASP .Net, in this case you can choose PushFYI .Net API for your server side and PushFYI JavaScript API for your client side.

Visit pushfyi.com for a complete list of APIs.